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 August 21, 2013 |  

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I’ve been asked to review Scoreland before and it is always a pleasure to visit the site. This is a wonderland of what I would term ‘real women’. Curvaceous, well endowed and super hot babes. The page is hard to get off once you get on there. The reason is that first of all the graphics are fantastic. The site claims to be No.1 In Big Boobs Since 1992 and you can see why. The best part, for the most part is the gals have natural tits which makes a nice change from a lot of porn thrown at us these days. You can tell by the delicious way these magnificent pendulums swing about and also they have the types of bodies that are born with big hooters.

I realize I get carried away every time I do a review for Scoreland, but who can blame me?

I like the way the page is ordered too. You scroll down and each movie teaser has a large high resolution photograph on the one side, some screen stills underneath and a short written tempter to get your attention. It is all photographed and filmed in super high fine quality HD. So you get to see every bead of sweat on the models bodies. Every fine hair, every nipple crease. I would say it is very life like, but who gets to see that much in real life? Often the lights are off you know!

Don’t get me wrong there is variety on this site and you will find petite, fit, mature, young, blond, brunette, ebony, tanned, creamy skinned and much of everything thanks to the handy embedded search tool within the pages. You can search for a model by name or body type. There are over 7000 photo sets, 1500 movies, zip-set availability, download option (which you can save forever), streaming in perfect HD quality high-speed and over six options offered for download including Windows Media. Navigation is a cinch since the site displays tabs at the top right and left, which includes models, scenes, movies, updates and more. Personally I find the search tools better since I have particular tastes and this helps me find what I am looking for. A gem of a place and I reckon once on there you have definitely scored.